LOFT MANAGER:   John Boyd with 40 years experience, his responsibilities will be the day to day running of the event and the welfare of the birds.   A very successful flyer in his own right renowned for taking the first five and six positions in his local clubs and regularly taking the first three or four in the very competitive NIPA Section C. He retired from racing in 1997 as Section C Fancier of the Year and over the past eight years has concentrated his attention to One Loft Racing, this has taken him to South Africa, Las Vegas, Holland, Hungry, and annually to Cardiff achieving recognised success in all of them.
Having been asked many times “why was there not a One Loft Race in Northern Ireland” led to the decision to launch the Emerald Classic as we strongly believe that One Loft Racing will be a prominent feature in the future of our sport.

ASSISTANT LOFT MANAGER:   Bernard Mairs with 35 years experience needs no introduction, his racing achievements at all distances especially France surpasses him. It was a big loss to the sport the day he put his clock away for the last time. However, for the past ten years he has concentrated on showing his pedigree cattle the length and breadth of the UK with tremendous success. His interest in pigeons has been rekindled by this exciting new venture and his responsibilities will be the day to day training of the birds.

HEALTH MANAGEMENT:   The birds will be treated with a range of scientifically formulated avian health supplements and medicines supplied by AVIO MED, founded in 2006 by Sanna Botha wife of world renowned veterinarian Dr. O. J. Botha. Being the initial founder of avian and pigeon medicine in South Africa back in 1988, Dr. Botha has very kindly offered his services to act as consultant and advisor to maintain the optimum health and performance of the birds for which we are deeply indebted.

PUBLIC RELATIONS:   Valerie Kerr is an experienced Careers Consultant with over 15 years experience in the field of HR management, she will bring enthusiasm, energy and commitment to this important role. She will be responsible for liaising with the local schools and businesses, creating interest in the race and securing invaluable sponsorship.

With the above Team and several others behind the scenes we believe we have the perfect recipe for success.   Please do not hesitate to speak to any of us at any time if you have a query.

More importantly we are deeply indebted to our sponsors who without their help and support it would not be possible to achieve our goal and make this event a success.